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  1. Hello! Do you know a place where I can post information on a scammer I encountered on Coffee Meets bagel thanks to this site. I’ve reported the guy to CMB but also want unsuspecting but suspicious women to know too!



  2. Thank you for making me laugh on a very dark day. I’m a 68 year old female. I’ve been in an on/off relationship for 6 months with an old high school friend. We hit it off from day one. Over the first few weeks he informed me of an 18 year relationship with a married female, 18 years younger, who I happen to know. He was never secretive. He mentioned movie dates, lunch dates, hanging at each other’s houses, shopping together and texting/calling daily. He said they were just friends. I could not relate to this and it eventually ended our relationship. It felt creepy. He said it’s the 21st century. So I’m trying to move on as a retired lonely senior. Dating sites are not my thing. So thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!


    1. You’re welcome and I’m so glad I made you smile. I’m sorry you’re having a rough day. I would not have been comfortable with that friendship/arrangement either…and I wonder what the woman’s husband thinks about it! Hang in there!


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