Favorite Things: Fall 2017 Edition

Fall 2017

  1. First Dates

Misery loves company and you know I’ve had some first date disasters. That’s why I enjoyed this first season of a TV show that lets you observe a real live first date (as real as it can be when people are watching). The couples are straight, gay, older, younger, and of various races. What’s most interesting to me is the variety of personalities and dating histories – from a guy who’s a medium to a gal who’s a virgin. At the end of each episode, you learn whether the couple wants to see each other again. By the way, not all of the dates are disasters.

The show, based on a British TV series of the same name and produced by Ellen DeGeneres, is available on Hulu and is streaming on a variety of services. No word yet on whether there will be a Season 2.

  1. A Mighty Love formerly The Tao of Indifference

Check out this blog by Demetrius on dating, relationships, and love. He tackles everything from dating success to where to go on dates to getting over a crush to dating someone who is seeing other people. I find his counsel to be well thought out.

  1. WizGear magnetic cell phone car mount

You know you shouldn’t hold your cell phone while you drive – even if you’re trying to use a GPS app. After a policeman gave me a warning for holding my phone while stopped at a light, I purchased this inexpensive cell phone car mount. WizGear is a magnetic device that easily attaches to a car’s air vents. The package comes with thin magnets that you place between your phone and the case. Then stick it on the WizGear. Voilà! View your phone’s turn-by-turn directions as if you were viewing a built in car GPS. Remember those?  Check it out and be safe.

  1. Meetways

You matched with a guy but he lives 60 miles away. He asks if you could meet in the middle somewhere. Who you gonna call? The answer: Meetways, a nifty website that allows you to find a halfway point. Just plug in two locations, your mode of travel, and the type of venue you’re interested in (e.g., wine bar). You’ll get a suggested list of places to meet. There’s also a mobile version. In addition to date planning, I have used Meetways to find a place to meet a far away friend.

  1. Better Things

I stumbled across Season 1 of Better Things while browsing on Hulu and wondered how I’d missed this fantastic and oh so real television show about a single mother raising her 3 daughters. So many of the scenarios are spot on: the difficulties of having privacy and a sex life when you’re a single mom; juggling work, kids, and an aging parent; being so good at the single life that you can’t imagine partnering again. Some of the plot twists and dialogue are a bit over the top. I overlook these because of the many powerful scenes, some without dialogue. Check out Season 1 on Hulu. Season 2 is on the FX cable station.

More info:

NPR: Better Things

The Atlantic: Better Things

  1. Calm

I never got over the bedtime story ritual. But sometimes listening to The Moth or Mortified podcasts before bed gets me wired rather than sleepy. That’s when I turn to deliberately boring and soothing sleep stories available on the Calm app. Find a narrator and a plot line that appeals and journey to dreamland. Other app features I have not yet tried include music and sounds to help you sleep or relax and guided meditation.

  1.  Tinder Takeover

Google Tinder takeover on YouTube and you’ll come up with videos of celebrities such as Megan Mullally of Will and Grace, Amy Schumer, and Seth Rogen taking over a mere mortal’s Tinder account. At least one writer thinks celebrity takeovers interfere with the chance of someone finding their perfect Match on Tinder. I think there are so many non- celebrities goofing on Tinder that we might as well enjoy the satire.

  1. Our Souls at Night

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford together again is reason enough to stream this movie on Netflix. I also liked the boldness of Fonda’s character and the depiction of both loneliness in older age and new “older” love.

  1. Sofar Sounds

I recently learned about Sofar Sounds house concerts. Since I haven’t been to a concert yet, this is a favorite thing to try. You can sign up to the service for free then browse the dates and general locations of upcoming concerts in a city of your choice. Sofar Sounds is currently active in 379 cities worldwide. If you want to go to a concert, you are entered into a “lottery.” If you are chosen, you’ll pay for tickets and will then be given the specific address of the venue. Many of the concerts are in private homes. Some of the musicians are well known, e.g., Ed Sheeran. For convenience, there’s now a Sofar Sounds app.

  1. Libby

Are you a reader who would like to save money on books but prefer to read on an e-reader such as Kindle? A new app called Libby connects your library card to your library’s electronic repository so you can e-read to your heart’s content. If you have library cards in more than one district or state, register each one. That way if there’s a hold on the book of your choice, you can try another library. Audible books are included. Libby has its own e-reader or you can ask Libby to send books to your Kindle.

What are your favorite things?

Until next week, happy dating or not dating.



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